relax moss
relax moss
Since I remember I was attracted to nature, being in the moment, resting in the true nature of mind and meditation. For years I worked maintaining flower-gardens and private gardens as a professional which helped me to increase my knowledge about nature, but at the same time it distanced me from my earlier experiences. I started to find back to them when the first time I was studying the world of flowers and plants by making ikebana flower compositions for my own pleasure.
Western people just want to use the plants and at home they are treated only as decoration. Even though one feels the need to be close to the plants it still remains as an outer thing like any other object with esthetic value. On the other hand a composition made from plants by Eastern approach tells stories we can comprehend only if we ourselves become part of it and not by viewing it from the outside.
It is not a riddle needs to be guessed by intellect, but a very deep esthetic impression telling something about us or the world.
Our family manufacture tries to work with this kind of view. Taking the roles and places of plants indoor a bit loosely by this approach we try to create green surfaces which don’t only look pleasant but offer refreshing mood, balance and inner cure.

M. Levente Szöllősi
Moss artisan
Miklós Levente Szöllősi
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