relax moss
relax moss
Is it necessary to water the moss paintings or walls?
No, it is not.
Mosses and reindeer mosses preserved without any chemical and processed gently keep their natural softness and elasticity for a long time. They do not need more than 40-60% moisture indoors.
Do they need to any maintenance?
Shortly: No, they don’t.
In details having the right conditions the preserved and colored green walls and moss pictures keep their shape, texture and color for many years. Like any other objects the moss and reindeer moss installations are damaged by radiation. It is the best if they don’t get direct sunlight. There are some places where it is unavoidable that they get some mechanical damage or much more dust than usual. In this case we can quickly and easily repair their consistency.
How solid, durable are they?
These mosses, reindeer mosses, plants in order to have the best result and to be able to convey a real nature experience are stabilized and preserved by a professional process, so they remain very nice for many years.
How can we order them?
Every work is personalized and made for an individual order. The order should be done by e-mail or phone. We can make a bid within a very short time.
Where are they made?
Our work is created in Hungary, Somogy county after everything is picked carefully, using very precise handwork and with an eco-friendly view.
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